Tipple tap cart

Our ‘Tipple Tap’ cart brings the party with a ‘DIY twist’ on our traditional bar carts with its self service tap offering. 

Our four-tap Tipple cart can pour any type or size keg of cocktail, mocktail, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.

The basics

All you need is for us to turn up, connect up and you’re set for a free-flowing night (or day) of fun

Bar staff and specialist mixologists are also available, on request.

Comes with your choice of umbrella (see colours available) and mat. Cart canopy additional.

Cart specs

Our carts bases are 1.365m(w) x 0.565m x 0.670m(h) and can fit through most doorways but please allow for a 1 metre clearance to ensure the wheels can fit through. If you have a smaller entry or require our carts to be taken up or down stairs, please let us know in advance as some of our carts can be semi-dismantled to ensure a smooth pack in.

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Booking enquiry

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Ice cream | Gelato | Sorbet options

Premium ice cream flavours include:

(Note: Flavours may vary depending on availability)



Salted Caramel 

Vanilla Bean 

Hokey Pokey

Swiss chocolate 

Fudge brownie 

Triple chocolate 


White chocolate and raspberry coulis 

Black doris and crème fraiche

Cookies and Cream 

Rocky Road 

Banana Berry 

Black Forest 

Boysenberry Ripple 

Butterscotch Pecan

Passionfruit Ripple 

Rum Raisin  

Strawberry Ripple 

Chocolate Dutch Chocolate

Lemon Lime 

Mango Ripple 

Mint Chocolate Swirl

Boysenberry Ripple 

Salted Caramel Swirl 


Gum Drop 

Caramel Ripple 




Made by our bespoke gelato maker with milk and cream and lavish toppings. 

Flavours changed regularly but can include: 

Salted Butterscotch 


 Caramel Apple Cheesecake 

 Banana, Coffee & Hazelnut 

Chocolate Scorched Almond 

 Strawberry Marshmellow 

 Roasted Hazelnut 

 Pina Cola

Bespoke flavours and vegan options available
We can also create limited batches of specially coloured gelato to match your brand or product colours, if required.


Our bespoke sorbet is all made with real fruit. 

Black Doris Plum 

Raspberry, lemon & thyme



Raspberry & Strawberry

Berry Burst

Umbrella colour options

  • Black and white striped with tassels (one available)
  • Yellow and white striped with tassels (two available)
  • Cream with tassels (two available)
  • Blue and white striped with tassels (four available)
  • Pink and white (thin) striped with tassels (one available)
  • Salmon pink with tassels (one available)
  • Green and White (two available)
  • Black with tassels (two available)
  • Red and White (two available)